Friday, June 5, 2020

DIY Marker Stand

Welp, it has been almost a year since I posted here. That is in large part because my work computer is a Macbook, so, I cannot use the photo-editing software that I've used for nearly two decades. And Macbook monitors show photos at their actual pixel size. Which sounds great, until you realize that pretty much every Internet browser does not display photos at their actual pixel size. So, if you are planning on using the photos on the web, while you are editing them, you have no idea how they are actually going to look online (hence why these photos are blurry).

Anywayssss, I am not here to rant about Macbooks. I am here because I just finished a project that I am chuffed enough about to get past my hatred of editing photos on a Macbook.

With all the stay at home orders, I have been doing a lot of coloring. I decide to upgrade to alcohol-based markers and wanted a nice place to store them. A wooden rack that can hold a decent amount of markers starts around $50, and goes much, much higher. I decided to get creative. I bought a mDesign teabox on Amazon and hacked it into a marker stand. The product image photo:

Originally my plan was much simpler, however, the teabox was not quite deep enough to keep markers from falling out when it was on its side. I discovered this after I already hastily removed the plastic window on the lid, so, I could not return it. I am glad that happened because I really like what I came up with. I did not have to purchase anything, as I already had glue and a hacksaw. All the bamboo you see came from the one teabox.

It is probably fairly self-explanatory how I made it, but just in case... I pulled the dividers out halfway, and glue them into place. The half squares at the top and bottom of the rack are the lid/frame that was around the plastic window. The thin pieces at the front of the stand on the right and left sides are made from some small pieces of bamboo that were on the inside of the teabox's lid.

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