Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Manila American Cemetery

After the Venice Grand Canal mall, I decided to stop by the Manila American Cemetery and Memorial since it was across the street from the mall. What I didn't realize is just how big it is (152 acres) and that it only has one entrance. Despite it being across the street from the mall, it was 1.2 miles to the memorial. While that doesn't sound too bad, keep in mind that the "feels like" temperature was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit most of the time I was in the Philippines (including on this day).

I had never been to a war memorial before, so, I wasn't prepared for the list of rules, dress code, and checking of my ID. Luckily, they accepted my Illinois driver's license (since my passport was in the hotel safe), and what I was wearing met the dress code.

There are 17,058 people buried at the Manila American Cemetery.

The Tablets of the Missing memorial contains 36,286 names.

The state seals are carved in the floor of the memorial.

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