Saturday, April 6, 2019

Sycamore Falls Fail

After we left Bearizona, we wanted to check out Sycamore Canyon. It was a place my brother mentioned, and Sycamore Falls looked amazing.

The drive through the park was stunning.

Alas, after driving miles through the park, we encountered this mess and couldn't continue. We also tried a different route, and encountered an even worse road that somehow wasn't officially closed.

At least we were able to take in some sights on the drive.

We then decided to try to go to Keyhole Sink, which was a place a local person recommended; she had warned us the night before that the roads for Sycamore Canyon would be too muddy, but I had wanted to give it a shot since I had been anticipating it.

When we saw the "trail" for Keyhole Sink, I wasn't really sure why it was recommended as a better destination. There was no official trail, just pieces of fabric stapled to trees to guide you in the general direction. I was wearing canvas sneakers, and it was around 35 degrees, so, that worked out really poorly (soaked ice cold feet). I eventually gave up and headed back before we reached the destination. Timmy continued on the "trail" in his shorts and hoodie but never found it.

In the end, the weekend was mostly a bust, however, the drive-through portion of Bearizona made it not a complete loss.

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