Sunday, March 31, 2019

Grand Canyon (success)

At first, I was amused by the fact that we went to the Grand Canyon, and couldn't actually see it. It is exactly the kind of luck we have. But the further we drove trying to find a break in the fog, the more upset I got.

When we finally gave up, and turned around to leave, on the road back I shouted out in excitement; I was able to see the Grand Canyon through the trees! Unfortunately, there was nowhere with a shoulder where we could pull off, and it would have been rather muddy and unpleasant walking through the trees. The farther we drove from that area looking for a turn off point, the more anxious I became. Finally, we found the ONE turn off point where the Grand Canyon was visible.

It was extremely cold, windy, and still snow-raining. The short "fence" (two rows of bricks) was nerve-racking because of the crazy wind and the steep drop off in some areas.

Video of the view

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