Saturday, March 30, 2019

Grand Canyon Fail

I have wanted to visit the Grand Canyon for a long time, so, I was really excited when I was finally able to go earlier this month. Somehow, in all my research, I missed that it costs $35 per car to enter Grand Canyon National Park. I didn't mind though, because I would finally get to see the Grand Canyon! Or so I thought?

When we woke up that day and it was cold and miserable (snow raining and very windy), I tried to keep myself upbeat by focusing on that would mean it would be less crowded. It didn't occur to me that the weather may mean that we wouldn't actually get to see the Grand Canyon.

Timmy didn't bring many warm clothes with him to Arizona since he was working out of Phoenix. I warned him about the weather near the Grand Canyon, but he was so focused on the highs in the forecast, that he missed how cold it was supposed to get (35° F).

The Grand Canyon was behind him under all that fog.

We drove for at least 30 minutes along the road parallel to the Grand Canyon to see if the weather was clearer anywhere.

Don't worry though! Eventually we found a break in the fog where we could see the Grand Canyon, and I took amazing photos like this. (Actual good photos coming in a seperate post.)

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