Thursday, April 13, 2017

My Lindy Bop sale order

Today Lindy Bop was having a great sale, so, I decided to use my birthday money. I bought three dresses, a skirt, a top, and a petticoat for only $125; they have free shipping to the US on orders of $125 or more, so, I made sure to take advantage of that.

I wasn't sure about the circus print skirt since I'm not for the use of animals in circuses; I eventually decided that I was probably thinking too much about a cute print on a skirt. I ended up getting the petticoat because one of the skirts I wanted ended up being sold out, and I needed $8 more for free shipping; since shipping is $7 for US orders under $125, it made sense. Here is what I bought:

"Casey" skirt in Vintage Circus print
$16, normally $33

"Tallulah" dress in Woodland Folk print
$27, normally $39

"Audrey" dress in Russian Doll print
$31, normally $39

"Anoushka" top in Puffin print
$20, normally $25

"Courtney" dress in Perfectly Plaid print
$23, normally $46

26" pink petticoat
$8, normally $33