Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Adler After Dark's Geek Chic: Episode IV

It is easy to take a place for granted after living there for a while, and we have certainly done that with Chicago. There are so many things Timmy and I have wanted to do here that we have put off for far too long; Adler After Dark is one of them. The third Thursday of every month Adler Planetarium has a special after hours adults-only event.

This month the theme was "Geek Chic: Episode IV." Local band Arc Impulse played video game theme songs, 501st Legion was present, cosplay circus Acrobatica Infiniti performed, and Adult Swim presented "Full Dome Meatwad Experience" in the Definiti Space Theater.

Timmy was dressed as Jayne Cobb from Firefly and one of Acrobatica Infiniti Circus' performers happened to be dressed as Kaylee Frye (also from Firefly), so, that made our night; Timmy even won an honorable mention prize in Arda Wig's cosplay contest (he received a $25 gift certificate to their web-site).

These two photos were taken by Fotio (I cropped myself out of the second photo).

I made my skirt for the event. Unfortunately it was pretty windy, and I didn't realize I was pushing my skirt down on one side, so the photos aren't great. Also, I like how I wore it to work better.

Some of the 501st Legion that was present.

Best "photo bomb" ever (Storm Trooper just leaned in when I was taking the photo).

Timmy as Jayne.

For those that aren't familiar with Firefly, this is Jayne...

Timmy as Jayne and Tank Karo of Acrobatica Infiniti Circus as Kaylee.

Acrobatica Infiniti Circus performing.

Short video I took of Acrobatica Infiniti at the event: