Wednesday, September 2, 2015

11 Weeks of Pink with Special Effects

Eleven weeks ago I had my hair dyed pink. I have had my roots touched up once since then. Today we dyed my hair back to its natural color, or at least we tried; the hair must not have been saturated enough, so, we will have to go another round. I used to dye my hair wild colors regularly, however, it had been about ten years since I had done so. Back in the day I used Maniac Panic dye. This time around, I decided to try Special Effects because I heard great things about its staying power; they were certainly correct! I thought I'd share what my hair looked like today right before we dyed it back to brown.

I used Special Effects' "Atomic Pink" which is supposed to glow under black light, but unfortunately I never got to test that out. If I was to dye my whole head pink again, I think I'd probably mix the Atomic Pink with their "Cupcake Pink" so it would have more of a blue tint, and not be quite as dark of pink.

Please forgive my oily hair; since my hair had been bleached (before I put in the pink eleven weeks ago), I wanted to make sure my hair wasn't too dry when I put permanent dye in it. The left photo was taken with flash, and the right photo without; I'd say the right photo is probably a slightly better indicator of what the actual color was. The left photo shows how my bleached (yellow) hair had started to peak through as the dye faded. I am super impressed with Special Effects and I can't imagine wanting to use anything else (for wild colored hair) in the future.

For those that don't follow me on Instagram, I'll include a few photos of what my hair looked like prior to today. The first photo was taken within 24 hours of dying my hair. The second photo was taken five and a half weeks after I dyed it (about a week after my roots were touched up). The last photo was taken eight weeks after I dyed it.

A photo posted by Alana (@flyingpurplehippo) on

A photo posted by Alana (@flyingpurplehippo) on

A photo posted by Alana (@flyingpurplehippo) on

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