Friday, September 5, 2014

Indefinite hiatus

In my last post I announced that after a couple month hiatus from the blog that I was back. Since that last blog post was two weeks ago, I feel I need to offer an explanation.

Very shortly after my last post, my laptop decide to go kaput. It will no longer boot up. I have a hunch that the problem will be so costly to fix, that I would be better off spending a bit more and just buying a new laptop. My boyfriend has been very gracious with sharing his brand new tablet with me, however, I do not find it ideal for blogging.

It had been a while since I backed up my laptop, therefore, I likely lost a lot of files, including my photos from our visit to "Little Goat," which we visited for the letter "L" in my "Eating the Alphabet" blog series. I am super bummed about it because the food was delicious and impressive. I had already uploaded to my website my photos for the "J" and "K" posts, however, I can't seem to bring myself to write the posts because I am so bummed about losing the photos from Little Goat. To top it all off, Timmy's tablet does not have a regular USB port, so, we will have to buy an adapter before I can even access the files that I did backup.