Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ours is the Fury, er, Furleigh

Earlier this year two of our friends, Kristen and Richard, got married. When my boyfriend Timmy and I were trying to decide what to get them for their wedding, I decided I wanted to make them something personal.

Since they are Game of Thrones fans, and their new last name was to be Furleigh (pronounced fur-lee), Timmy suggested a play on words of the House Baratheon motto, "Our is the Fury." I found a Game of Thrones inspired font on-line to use for it. Kristen and Richard, as evidenced by their blog name, are a fan of penguins as well, so, I wanted to incorporate that. The penguin's scarf is the Baratheon sigil on its typical background of yellow. The penguin's crown is the crown Robert Baratheon wore. We then printed the graphic at a photo lab, and put it in a frame.


  1. This is so adorable, funny, and thoughtful! I hope your friends loved it.

  2. We did love it! Without a doubt one of the more creative gifts we received. Can't wait to have a place of our own to hang it in! Thanks again :)


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