Saturday, June 7, 2014

What I Wore - Squirrely Business

I used to dislike squirrels because whenever you walk past one, they go zooming off to climb a tree above your head. Last year I was walking home from work and noticed a squirrel in a tree holding something. The squirrel was holding a Solo cup stuffed with leaves, and he was eating out of it. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen, and it completely changed my mind about squirrels. So, when I saw this awesome squirrel dress on eBay last week, I had to have it. I was so excited about it, that I wore it the day after it arrived!

When I was trying to decide what to pair the dress with, I asked my boyfriend if wearing a suit jacket with it would make it look less casual since I was wearing it to work. His reply: "It is a dress with squirrels." Point taken, but I still wore it to work (our dress code is business casual).

What makes this outfit even more awesome to me is that everything was purchased for a bargain. The dress was new and I purchased it for $41 (with free shipping); it originally sold for $100 on Modcloth. I purchased this New York & Company suit jacket for $16 (including shipping); their jackets run around $70. I got the tights in Ireland, for under $5, I think. I got the shoes for $12 from Payless (the too long t-strap does bother me a bit though).

Eating the Alphabet - "H" is for Hash House A Go Go

For the letter "H" in the "Eating the Alphabet" series, we went to Hash House A Go Go. Hash House is known for their huge portions. Personally, huge portions are only a plus for me if it is something that can be reheated easily.

Timmy ordered the "Corned beef, red onions and Swiss cheese" house hash. I ordered the "Ham, spinach & cheddar" farm scramble. Both our meals came with a fruit garnish, and a biscuit. Timmy's hash came with crispy potatoes, whereas, mine came with a choice of crispy potatoes or griddled mashed potatoes. I chose the crispy potatoes because I thought they would be skillet cooked, however, they were cooked in a fryer (I assume), so, fairly greasy. The highlight for both of us were the biscuits. I never knew that a biscuit could be so tasty and special. I would have been content with just a plate full of biscuits, that is how good they were.

Our server was very nice, and friendly. I also loved how attentive he was (our drinks were never empty).

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