Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What I Wore - Saint Patrick's Day jumper

I love this dress but don't so much love the dress for me; I'm not one for bare arms or showing off my legs. So, I was pretty excited when I came up with the idea of wearing this dress as a jumper with a button-up shirt underneath (I usually wear it with the leggings, but with a cardigan over, instead of a shirt under).

I wore this dress on Saturday to go to the dyeing of the river for Saint Patrick's Day, to a movie, and for some walking around. The wall I am posing in front of used to have a cuddly t-rex on it, so, I was a bit disappointed that it was gone (even though the new art is still quite cool). Don't let my smiles fool you, it was quite chilly (I took my coat off for the photos).

And then I made my photographer (my boyfriend, Timmy) get in front of the camera.

I definitely foresee this wall making a reappearance in future outfit post photos.

Sad bear is sad.


  1. Looove this outfit. I love using dresses as jumpers. You look great!

  2. You're killing me. This is so dang cute -- you guys are ridonkulously adorable. I also just generally like the idea of Timmy wearing army green for St. Patty's day. :)


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