Thursday, January 16, 2014

What I wore - Timmy inspired

My first outfit post of 2014 and my first outfit post in four months! When the weather gets cold, I really don't want to stand outside for longer than I have to; certainly not without a coat. Since we don't have a good place for photos inside our apartment, my outfit posts tend to go on hiatus.

While the title of this post? After I put this outfit on, I realized it seemed like a girlified version of my boyfriend's favorite clothing combination: dress shirt + tie + sweater.

The white specks in the photos is snow.

Where is the best place to shop? Your own closet. I've owned the red dress shirt and elephant bow scarf for years but had never worn them. I bought the shirt to wear to work but it just wasn't realistic for the line of work that I was doing. When I bought the scarf, I didn't pay attention to the dimensions and thought it was a regular length scarf; as much as I love the scarf, the length/width doesn't provide as many options for ways to wear it.

Silly face.

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  1. Crazy adorable. I am immediately obsessed with your red hot red pants! Not to mention your gorgeous red lipstick. I look forward to a twinsies post with you and Timmy. ;)


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