Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Depression and...

First off, I want to thank those who commented on my Living with depression post or sent me a message about it. When you share something so personal publicly, acknowledgement is appreciated.

I found writing the post to be quite therapeutic; I feel that it allowed me to be introspective in a more meaningful way than when I just contemplate things in my head. Writing about my experiences publicly also provides me with a sense of accountability for improving my life (through increased social interaction, exploring and enjoying Chicago, working to develop my job into a career, etc.).

I have decided that there is a lot more that I want to share regarding depression, therefore, I will be writing more posts on the topic; the posts will be called "Depression and..." I became even more aware of how much depression is misunderstood after a discussion with my very smart boyfriend, Timmy; that will be a post of its own, coming up soon, titled "Depression and praying it away." All the posts relating to depression will be tagged Depression and..., so that you may easily find (or avoid) the posts.

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