Tuesday, January 28, 2014

GabiFresh's closet sale at Blair Chic Boutique

I follow over 80 blogs on Feedly and I would guess that at least half of them are fashion blogs. Some of my favorite blogs, like Dressed Up Like a Lady and Syl and Sam, I follow because I love that their unique sense of style is completely different than my style. GabiFresh, on the other hand, is someone's closet I would love to raid. Lucky for me (and other ladies in Chicago), I got to do just that today; Gabi (who currently lives in Chicago) is moving to Los Angeles, so, she had a large closet sale at Blair Chic Boutique.

I ended up purchasing two items at Gabi's closet sale. Before I get to that though, first some back-story. Last April I went to Gabi's shopping event at Bloomingdale's:

While we were waiting for Gabi to come into the Bloomingdale's event, I perused some of the dresses in the department. One dress by T Tahari really caught my eye. Well, when Gabi came in, guess what she was wearing? The dress I had been eyeing! I debated whether I should buy it because it was expensive (on sale for $100), and I wasn't sure how practical it was in terms of my lifestyle. My boyfriend Timmy talked me into it since he could tell how much I loved it.

The dress was available in both their plus size line and their regular size line. I tried a size 14 on in the plus size line and it was a little too big. A size 14 was the smallest they had in their plus size line, and they didn't have the dress in the store in the regular size line. One of the Bloomingdale's associates told me she could order the next smaller size and have it shipped to me. The problem is, the associate didn't understand that sizing is often different between standard size lines and plus size lines; a size 14 in a plus size line is usually larger than a size 14 in a standard size line. So, she incorrectly assumed that a size 12 in the standard size line would be the next size down from the size I tried on (size 14 in the plus size line); as a result, the dress ended up being several sizes too small for me. In the end, I felt the mistake was a sign of sorts that I shouldn't buy the dress; so, rather than reordering the dress in the correct size, I just returned it.

Okay, fast forward to today: Guess what I found at Gabi's closet sale. THEE dress. It only cost me $30, and she only wore it once (at the Bloomingdale's event). The dress is too large on me, however, for $30 I don't mind doing some tailoring!

The photo of the dress from Bloomingdale's web-site does not do it justice; it looks much better when worn snug like Gabi wore it (though, maybe not if you don't have Gabi's awesome curves).

My favorite part of the dress is the hot coral pink exposed zipper down the back (which awesomeness is also not captured well in the product image photo). I wish I could find a photo of the back of the dress with Gabi wearing it because she was seriously rocking it.

Anywayyyys, my second purchase at Gabi's closet sale is cute too, but since it isn't something I've been wanting for nine months, my level of excitement is much more subdued. It is a bit snug, but I think it will work with a shapewear top under it. I paid $20 for it, and it still had the tags on it. It is this Prabal Gurang for Target shirt:

I almost bought this Prabal Gurang shirt too, but I decided against it since it has a similar feel to it as the shirt above. I am regretting it now that I went back to Gabi's blog post where she wore it (she looks so bad ass in it!):

P.S. On an unrelated note, I am no longer unemployed. I am excited about this job because it feels like the kind of job I can develop into a career.

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  1. Congratulations on finding a job! You are such a hard worker they are lucky to have you!


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