Friday, December 6, 2013

Our surly Christmas tree

Timmy and I have not had a Christmas tree in years because we do not have the space for one (and I'm not a fan of miniature trees). This year I had the idea to create a non-traditional "tree" that would amuse us both: decorate my beloved surly hippo, Viola, up as a Christmas tree. Bonus: it will keep her from juggling flaming knives over Timmy's head while he sleeps.

I was going to top Viola with our star tree topper, but it was too heavy. I went off in search of something we already owned to top her with and decided that my bow bracelet would work. I love the bracelet so much so that it received its own blog entry earlier this year.

Viola sits atop our SkyBox (a personal vending machine), so, she can be the center of attention.

The ornaments just happened to match our wreath that we already owned.

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