Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dublin shopping

This post is for some of the photos I took while clothes shopping on our vacation in Dublin.

I love these spiky shoes by Cari's Closet. I am not sure which I like more, the neon colors or the anything-but-basic black.

I own a similar chain, in silver, to these necklaces from De Loup. Wrapping a necklace in fabric would be a quick and easy way to change up its look.

These dresses were so cute and fun, but unfortunately, Carousel does not carry my size.

When I saw this scuba dress at River Island, I couldn't resist trying it on for amusement sake. I laughed so hard when I put it on; the only thing missing from my outfit was Cyberlox dreads.

Penneys/Primark is pretty much my favorite place on earth now. They have so many inexpensive fashionable items. It is similar to Forever 21, however, a much larger and broader selection (IE, it is easier to find items that aren't "too" young or trendy). I got these shoes, which I wore here, for only about $15.

I love over-the-top fancy hats like this one at Marks and Spencer. If it wasn't so expensive, I would have bought it just for prancing around our apartment.

Glimpse of a dress I bought at our second visit to Penneys/Primark. It is quite short, so, I am going to lengthen it; I just wish I had gotten around to it while the weather was still warm.

I love how the beading on this evokes a Wonder Woman quality.

Also, if you missed them, I previously shared posts on two of my favorite shops in Dublin, Thundersolas and Retro, where I bought these bracelets and this dress.

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