Saturday, October 5, 2013

Vaudezilla's Halloween Peepshow Creepshow

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and the Halloween activity I am most looking forward to is going to Vaudezilla's burlesque Peepshow Creepshow. We are going to the show on October 12th that is headlined by Red Rum and Sanjula. Red Rum performs in spooky costumes outside of Halloween, so, I think it should be a particularly awesome show.

There are also shows tonight (headlined by Titty Perkins), October 19th (headlined by Delilah), and October 26th (headlined by Red Hot Annie). All of the shows are on a Saturday.

Go here for more details or to view the fliers for the other shows, or go here to purchase tickets. You can also purchase your tickets directly at their box office, however, I recommend you buy them in advance on-line so you don't have to worry about the tickets selling out before you get yours.

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