Saturday, October 5, 2013

Town of Malahide

After visiting the Malahide Castle and Gardens, Timmy and I headed to the Malahide Marina. Being from Chicago (where we have the wonderful Navy Pier), I was honestly a bit disappointed. The Malahide Marina is pretty basic: boat docks, houses, and one restaurant. So, in other words, great if you are a local, but not much of a tourist attraction. That said, there were several restaurants nearby; we walked a couple blocks and went to bar/restaurant combo.

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Little house tucked away right outside one of the exits to Malahide Castle.

Malahide Marina

Place where we ate

We took the train back to Dublin and it was certainly much nicer than the bus ride there.

The train's digital displays had information in English and Gaelic. One of the trains we took in Dublin had a map that only had the stops listed in Gaelic. It was odd because English is the primary language in Ireland; only about 2% of the Irish population speak Gaelic daily, and most of those people live on the west Coast of Ireland (Dublin is on the east coast, and the train system we were on just runs on the east coast).

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