Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ireland's Eye - Part 2 of 2

This is the second part of the two part Ireland's Eye photo post. Ireland's Eye is an uninhabited island off the north coast of the town of Howth. You can view the first Ireland's Eye photo post here.

You can view all the blog entries I have wrote about our Dublin vacation by clicking here.

I loved that from a distance this rock formation looked like it was covered in snow, but it was actually just a ton of seagulls.

View from the island of Howth off in the distance.

I tripped and landed in something itchy. Thankfully, I thought quickly and put hand-sanitizer on it immediately (since it is alcohol-based); although it burned like hell, it cut down on the itching, and the bumps disappeared quickly.

This just looks so cool!


Do you like how Timmy is in the water immediately after the photo of the jellyfish?

Look how close Timmy was to a wild seal! It was difficult to capture because he/she kept going back under water and popping up somewhere completely different for only a couple seconds.

The town of Howth off in the distance again.

Timmy wore my flip-flops to cut down on the amount of sand that would end up in his boots when he put them back on.

It was the funniest thing ever; Timmy's feet are quite a bit larger than my feet, so, he could only get his toes into my flip-flops. I have the most hilarious video of him walking in them that I will share later.

Baby seagulls!

Timmy used my old camera to take photos too, so that I would have some vacation photos with me in them; I was disappointed to discover that something apparently happened to the camera and most of the photos on that camera had lines through them and weird color/lighting issues.

Our Cap'n poses.

The ferry's pick-up spot from the island had more legit stairs than the drop-off point.

View from the ferry of the tower on the island.

Walking the Howth pier.

Behind us, the view of the island from the pier.

The view from the train coming to/from Howth is quite a different picture.

This train seating setup sucks when the train is fuller; if you are tall, your knees are crushed into the knees of the person facing you.


  1. Effing incredible. A real life magical island! It's awesome that you got so many pictures, so in years to come, you can verify to yourself that it was indeed as gorgeous as you remember. :)

    Also: I really hope that seal yelled at you guys. I love on natures shows when seals open their mouths and they just sound like they're belligerently screaming all the time.

    1. It was definitely magical! We spent hours there and I would have loved to spend more, but the last ferry of the day was earlier than we had read on-line. I hope to go back someday, and if we do, I'm going to make sure we get on the first ferry of the day.

      Unfortunately he (the seal) did not! He seemed so curious though whenever he popped his head up.

      Have you ever heard of puffins? They are the cutest birds ever. We were hoping to see some on the island but all we saw were seagulls.


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