Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Completing the pentagram

When creating a TV show about law enforcement, sometimes you have to explain complex things through awkward dialogue and plot to make sure that the average viewer can understand it; therefore, a certain level of absurdity is unavoidable and to be expected. That said, there was a particular moment in an airing of Hawaii Five-0 last year that was so ridiculously and amusingly dumbed down that Timmy and I still refer to it.

The moment occurs when Doctor Max shows Detectives Danno and McGarrett a blood imprint that is quite obviously a pentagram, however, they don't recognize what it is until Max traces the imprint on his tablet. Now every time Timmy and I encounter a character having a particularly dumb moment, we holler for them to "Complete the pentagram!"

For anyone curious, the scene was in season three, episode five, and the episode was called "Mohai."

For the lovers of gifs, I also made one of those:


  1. lol. Actual, startling my cubemates lol.

    Girl, I know you and I are already of a mind, but I have to tell you that one of my BIGGEST and most bitched about pet peeves in shitty writing is exposition. I grit my effing teeth when a character clumsily announces something that no person would EVER say just to clue the audience into what's going on in the plot.

    "But Derek, you KNOW our mother is crazy!"
    "Still reading about those conspiracy theories, eh? You are totally obsessed with aliens."
    "Do you remember your explosives training from back when you were a terrorist?"
    "Now that you've turned the people against the president, we can seize power!"
    "Still drinking? Ever since your husband died, you've really been hitting the bottle."
    "Captain, I can tell that you're concerned my recent failed marriage and subsequent mental problems will impede my investigation into this murder between a husband and wife."

    (Interlace all these clips with smash-cuts of me in the audience, snapping my pencil in half or throwing something at the screen.)

    1. Haha, me too. It is tough to watch most crime TV shows without encountering a LOT of them.


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