Saturday, September 28, 2013

Malahide Castle and Gardens

Visiting the Malahide Castle and Gardens was definitely one of my favorite things that Timmy and I did on our vacation in Ireland. We had Dublin Passes, so, we were able to visit the private gardens and do the quick tour of the inside of the castle for free. If we had not had Dublin Passes, we would have been happy with just visiting the public gardens and seeing the outside of the castle for free. The tour of the inside of the castle was neat, but very short; you were only able to see a couple rooms. They did not allow photos inside of the castle, so, there are no photos from the tour. And while the private gardens were beautiful, so were the public gardens (although not as meticulously landscaped).

There is also a free public area that has a large gift shop, a to-go cafe, and a restaurant. We grabbed some food from the cafe and ate right outside under a tree; when (hopefully not if) we go back to Malahide Castle, we are going to take the to-go food into the public garden where it is quieter.

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I loved the long, peaceful walk from the streets of (the town of) Malahide to Malahide castle.

The photos below are from the private gardens; the above photos were all from public areas.

These last three photos are from the public gardens.

This photo was taken from my favorite place in the public gardens: under a large tree with a great view of the back of the castle.

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  1. These pictures are UNREAL! Maybe it's the amazing colors, or maybe it's the scale of seeing you guys tucked amongst these epic gardens and ancient buildings, but these sights really seem totally breathtaking. That shot with the cemetery in the foreground is so beautifully framed -- I'm like viscerally attracted to the stone structure rising out of the distance.


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