Sunday, August 18, 2013

What I Wore - Strawberries and stripes

Yesterday I got the chance to wear two items I recently purchased from Modcloth on clearance: "Fresh for the Pickin' Skirt" and "Bright Place, Bright Time Clutch." I was also wearing Modcloth's "Can't Stop Dancing Half Slip in Ivory" under my strawberry and raspberry printed skirt (not pictured). If you are not already a member of Modcloth, you can get $15 off a $50 order by using this link.

This outfit was apparently a hit, as I got two compliments on the short trip to meet my boyfriend at his workplace; a customer at Timmy's workplace said "Your outfit is so cute! It is so happy." and a man on the street said "Wow. You are beautiful." As someone who doesn't get compliments very often (outside of Timmy, of course), it made my day! That said, I always feel a bit self-conscious when I wear something that gets attention because I'm not used to it.

I am in love with this purse.

I bought these shoes earlier this year to wear to a wedding reception (I wore more understated shoes to the wedding). I wore them the whole reception without problems (bare feet also). That is why I am baffled that after wearing these shoes for twenty minutes of walking, I ended up with 3-4 blisters, and the skin rubbed off the back of both of my feet. My feet hurt so much today that I was only able to wear flip-flops (no pressure on my toes), and the bottoms of my feet hurt with each step.

This is an "outtake" of the shoot. We were taking these photos in an alley and every minute an SUV came through acting like the alley was a street. Since I am pretty self-conscious about having outfit photos taken, whenever a car comes by when we are taking photos, Timmy and I pretend we aren't taking photos, and that we are just hanging out in an alley. With a camera. Not taking photos.

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  1. You look gorgeous! That's advanced level pattern mixing right there. I can never make it look that effortless.


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