Saturday, August 3, 2013

What I Wore - Hell Bunny dress from Retro

I thought I would break up the vacation photos a bit with some photos of me wearing the Hell Bunny dress I picked up at Retro on our vacation. The photos were taken in Dublin, so, yes, they are technically still vacation photos.

I had this grand idea to take the photos in front of Queen of Tarts, however, I had forgotten that they have a craft market on that street every Saturday (IE there were too many tables, people, etc. to be able to take any decent photos). Queen of Tarts would have been the perfect backdrop as it is one of my favorite places in Dublin, and their storefronts are bright red which would have matched my dress.

I bought the shoes from Primark/Penneys which is, as far as I'm concerned, the real "Most Magical Place on Earth"; I almost cried in there. HUGE clothing store with Forever 21 prices but more of the "wearable" (IE, less tacky) items. The shoes were only 13 euro (about $17 USD). Even cheaper than it sounds when you consider that they actually include their taxes in the listed price (so, the €13 was including taxes).

Oh em gee, fabric covered buttons!

I would have put on bright red lipstick had I actually brought any lipstick on the trip! I bought the bow necklace (before the trip) at Body Central, of all places, for only a couple bucks! The bow bracelet is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry that I posted better photos of before (also bought in the US).

Retro was recommended to me by the fabulous blogger and sewing-extraordinaire Roisin/Dolly Clackett.

Retro is jam-packed with modern-does-retro/pin-up dresses. Something funny I heard the shop owner mention: Americans regularly tell her that we don't have anything like her shop in the US, but all her dresses come from the US. I have to agree with what the Americans say though, shops that carry dresses like Retro does are rare in the United States. In Chicago, I only know of two places that carry the type of dresses that Retro does, and they only carry a couple different types and sizes; Retro on the other hand, has lots of different types of dresses squeezed into their small shop, and they have some additional sizes kept in storage (above the shop).

The ladies that run the shop are quite lovely too! They kept Timmy company while I tried on dresses, and helped me look for dresses that would fit someone my size (I can't fit standard sizing on most of these types of dresses). Oh, and when we came back a week and a half later, they remembered everything they talked about with Timmy on the previous visit!

Here are two photos of the entrance to Retro (it is inside the George's Street Arcade shopping centre.

When you are in a dressing stall and look up, your eyes get to take in all kinds of gorgeous crinolines and other lovelies.

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