Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bettie Page's Alika dress

I have been admiring Bettie Page's Alika dress since I saw it on the GirlWithCurves blog over a year ago. I have been tempted to buy it so many times, however, at $140 I couldn't justify it; especially since I don't wear dresses, especially fancy dress very often.

Source: GirlWithCurves

When I was in Dublin last month, I tried the dress on at Retro. I was again tempted to buy it, however, the cost still deterred me. Additionally, the dress didn't have the same "wow factor" on me as it did on Tanesha of GirlWithCurves because I don't have as small of waist in relation to my bust and hips as she does. While the neckline was obviously just as awesome, the dress somehow ended up looking a bit plain on me.

Later, when looking the dress up on-line again, I saw the dress in red; I loved the red version even more, and I think the color will give the dress the "wow factor" it needs on me. The navy dress looks sophisticated, whereas, I think the red dress just looks fun. My feelings on the price hadn't changed though, so, for the last couple weeks I have searched Ebay multiple times hoping a seller would have it cheaper. I saw it in navy for $120 and almost bought it, however, decided against it since I had already determined that I loved the red more.

Source: Bettie Page Clothing

Last week I saw an Ebay seller had their Alika circle skirt dresses (it also comes in pencil skirt as seen above) on sale for $112 with $11 shipping. I still debated on it for quite a while because $123 seems like a LOT of money for a dress to me (I rarely spend more than $50 on a dress). When my boyfriend told me to buy it if it would make me happy, that was all the encouragement I needed; I loved this dress enough that I have yearned for it for over a year, so, I knew I would regret it if I didn't buy it. I immediately purchased the dress, and eagerly waited for the shipment tracking information to be sent to me.

Three days after I placed my order, I still hadn't received tracking information saying it had shipped, and I was getting antsy. Fortunately I got an e-mail from the seller that same night; unfortunately the e-mail was the seller telling me that the dress would not be available to ship until late next week. She/he asked if I wanted to wait, or if I wanted the order canceled. They offered to upgrade my shipping if I waited, however, I already paid for the quicker shipping of the two he/she offered, so, I am not sure what my shipping would have been upgraded to. I have been waiting on this dress for over 15 months, I didn't want to wait any longer! I checked Ebay yet again for the dress, and fortunately for me, another seller had the dress, that just happened to be my size, for $106 with free shipping! So, obviously I went the cancel order route so not only will I (hopefully) not have to wait over two weeks to get it, but I will get it $17 cheaper.

For the curious, the dress also comes in ivory, black, light pink with gray dots, and olive green.

Source: Bettie Page Clothing (black dress color edited by me because it looked greenish)

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