Saturday, July 13, 2013

ThunderSolas leather designs in Dublin

One of my favorite shops that Timmy and I have discovered in Dublin is ThunderSolas. ThunderSolas is a leather accessory store.

What I loved most about ThunderSolas is how willing they are to make their customers happy. They offered to cut the belt I was buying to length if it was too long. They punched a hole in the wallet Timmy bought and added a grommet to the hole (and they finished it in 10 minutes!) so he could attach the wallet to a chain (per Timmy's request).

When I saw that they had a ring of leather swatches, I asked them about it. They said that it is for custom orders, so, I asked them for a general idea of what (amount of money) a custom order starts at; they said that a custom order would be the same price as any of the other items pre-made (you pay the same price as the style you are ordering, but you can pick any color leather). How awesome is that?

I bought three different bracelets from Thundersoles:

I also got an auto-lock belt. What is cool about the auto-lock belt is that it has no holes cut in it and no prong in the buckle. That means you can adjust the belt to any size, so, unlike most belts, you are not limited in length to where the holes are.

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