Sunday, July 28, 2013

Samuel Beckett Bridge

On our third day in Dublin, Timmy and I went to visit the Famine Ship (post to come), on our way there we stopped to admire the Samuel Beckett Bridge which is shaped like a harp.

The bridge can swing open when any ships need to pass through; I believe that has only been used a couple times. You can view a video of the bridge opening here. I wish that we had visited the bridge at sunrise or sunset, because judging by this photo it looks even more beautiful then.

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I call the building on the far left R2D2.

This is the mechanics for a different bridge near the Samuel Beckett bridge.

The temperture in Dublin usually only gets up to the mid-60s (Fahrenheit), so, the locals were really enjoying the weather being in the mid-70s while we were there; it was the hottest it has been there in seven years. Most of the guys swimming were in their underwear or regular shorts.


  1. We need to plan our next trip around when they open the bridge.

  2. Hot dang, what a marvel of architecture!

    It's really funny that most folks in Dublin might not even own a bathing suit, so everybody's just swimming in their shorts. What a cool moment to be there for. :)


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