Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hippos, elephants, oh my! (Dublin Zoo)

These photos are also from our second day in Dublin. After visiting the Kilmainham Gaol, and going to lunch at La Dolce Vita, we headed over to the Dublin Zoo.

Unfortunately in our excitement we forgot to put on suntan lotion before we left out that day, so, we ended up sunburnt quite badly. I am against the very idea of tanning, so, I always try to wear high SPF sunscreen whenever I will be outside for extended periods of time. For that reason, I have really only been "legitimately" sunburnt twice in my life (counting this time), therefore I have not developed a stomach for the disgusting skin peeling that happens afterwards. Ugh.

The sun was so intense the two weeks that we were in Dublin that it felt ten degrees hotter every day than the Weather Channel said it was. I reallyyy regretted the leggings and boots that I wore our second day in Dublin and I did not make the mistake of wearing anything on my legs again! Since I wasn't prepared for how much hotter it would feel than the actual temperature, I didn't have much appropriate clothes to pick from, so, you'll notice that I'm wearing one of three shirts in almost all the vacation photos I share, and the same pair of shorts.

"Hey Jeffrey! Jeffrey! Wait up! I have something to tell you!"


"Okay, bye."

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  1. Great pictures and I didn't notice that you were sunburned or wearing the same clothes....not until you mentioned it.


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