Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dinosaur cookie cutter and stamp set from ModCloth

A couple weeks ago I shared three new shoes I bought, including a pair that I bought from Modcloth with my referral credit. ModCloth has an awesome setup where I can give a $15 credit off a $50 order to any new members to ModCloth, while receiving $15 in credit myself.

Anywaysss, I used my referral credit to not only get those gorgeous shoes I shared previously, but also a set of the most awesome dinosaur cookie cutters called "Paleo in Comparison Cookie Cutter Set." The set comes with three cookie cutters, and three cookie "stamps" to press the shape of their fossils into the cookies. Here is one of ModCloth's official images of the set:

I used the cutter and stamp set to make about two dozen cookies to bring to work.

This one is my favorite cutter and stamp pair:

And in case you are wondering, if you prefer not to ice the cookies, they still look pretty cool without:

I used a cookie mix because I wouldn't have the patience to roll, cut, stamp, and decorate cookies after making the dough from scratch. I did, however, make the simple icing from scratch. What you need for every bag of cookie mix:

1 cup (shifted) powder sugar
1 tablespoon water (you can use milk or juice if you prefer)
1/4 teaspoon vanilla

Then I just put the icing in a Ziplock bag (I used a snack size), and cut off a tiny corner of the bag to pipe from.

I am honesty completely terrible at decorating cookies; I have a shaky hand and whenever I try to decorate cookies they tend to look like they were decorated by a child. The stamps that came with these cookie cutters made icing the cookies really easy since you just have to fill in the indentations; as long as you don't make the hole in your Ziplock bag too big, you will have no trouble icing these cookies.

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