Saturday, May 25, 2013

Three fun, colorful, comfortable shoes

The shoes I tend to fall in love with have tall heels, and in my book, heels larger than a kitten heel always equals uncomfortable. I own quite a few pairs of heels (including wedge heels) that I rarely to never wear because I can't stand to wear them for more than a couple hours at a time. That is why I am quite excited about two new pairs of wedge shoes I ordered that came in yesterday; I love their look, and they felt quite comfortable when I tried them on. The true test, of course, will be how they feel after being worn for a couple hours. Additionally, last week I received a pair of flats that I have had the chance to test drive.

My favorite of the three pairs of shoes is the "From The Interior Out Sandal" wedge by Qupid that I got from ModCloth. I got the shoe for free, because readers of my blog are awesome, and used my referral link; my referral link gives people new to ModCloth $15 off a $50 order while giving me $15 in ModCloth credit. I love ModCloth's dresses, however, they carry a limited number of dresses in my size, and I never have good luck with fit from clothes I order on-line, so, I decided to go with shoes.

The wedges felt so comfortable when I tried them on. They were sturdy and I didn't feel at all wobbly like I do with my Target wedges that are of a similar height. The wedges aren't actually wood, however, they look just as realistic in person (if they were real wood, they wouldn't have been as comfortable); I refuse to buy shoes with the obviously-rubber wedge that is so popular in inexpensive shoes. The lilac material is so soft that I think that will result in less rubbing. For those wondering, the shoes sell on Modcloth for $45.

These "My Moon" wedges are by Nine West and I got them from Carson's (also known as Younkers, Bon-Ton, etc.). They are currently on sale for $50, however, I got them for $37 by using a coupon code. I love the bright fuchsia color and suede material. They seem comfortable too. My only complaint, which I also had about the Qupid wedge, is that the toe cutout is a little large which results in my sliding forward in the shoes too much; this makes the shoes look a size too small at the toes (because my toes hang over the edge of the shoe a bit), while simultaneously making them look too large at the back of the shoe (because there is a gap between the back of my foot and the back of the shoes). I'm going to try some heel grips to see if they do the trick.

I got these "Bella" flats by Merona from Target. They look much better in person as the green is actually a bright kelly green, whereas, they look darker, and duller in the photo. They are regularly $40, however, I got them when they were on sale for $35; normally I wouldn't spend this much on flats, but they are adorable, and quality-wise seem worth $35. I have worn these for a few hours of shopping and they started to hurt in the toes after about two hours; the shoes are the right size with a little room at the end of my toes, however, the seam area at the top of the shoes is tight. It seems likely that they will loosen up with wear though, so, I'm still happy with my purchase.

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  1. Love your choices! That tone-on-tone green flat is awesome!

    And I wear a lot of heels, but I totally know what you mean -- I always bring flats with me in case I need to actually walk anywhere! :D


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