Saturday, May 11, 2013

Modcloth loves pachyderms

I love Modcloth; I especially love that Modcloth gives me $15 in credit in exchange for me giving $15 in credit to anyone new to Modcloth! If you are not currently a member of Modcloth, you can use this Modcloth link to get $15 off your order of $50 or more!

Today I am going to share the elephant and hippo merchandise (and one rhino) that ModCloth has; my favorites are first. Previously, I have shared Modcloth's heels, more heels, pin-up dresses, and more pin-up dresses.

"Elephant and center" top (Wish they made this in my size!)

"I have an announcement" tee (I really want this but I'm saving for our Dublin trip.)

"Trumpets for crumpets" ring (I own this)

"To have and to herd" dress

"Trunk show treasure" tee

"Trunks full of taste" shaker set" (I own this)

"To have and to herd" top

"Pack your trunks" earrings

"Painted pachyderms" top

"I'll wade here" journal

"I link I love you" socks

"Believe what you herd" top

"Spray a while" teapot

"I'm all cheers" dress

"From tusk to dawn" necklace

"Dress-up trunk" dress

"Near and Safari" earrings

"Peanut buddy" tee

"Tusk me" phone stands

"We got the trunk" dress

"Wildy imaginative" top

"Pachyderm your bags" dress

"Ele-fancy" necklace

"Elephant-astic venture" dress

"Butter believe it" butter dish

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