Sunday, April 7, 2013

My first Eshakti purchases

I have been wanting to order a dress from Eshakti for a while now. I love that for $7.50 you can customize any of their dresses to your measurements. Lucky for me though, one of their sizes is my exact measurements, so, I don't even have to do that. The length of every dress is adjusted to your height (for free) as well which I love because I am 5'8"; I like my dresses to come to my knee, which I have trouble with since I am a bit taller than the average female.

Anyway, the reason I haven't ordered before is that I'm cheap and their dresses run from $50-$100 (without the optional customization fees); while that is certainly reasonable for a quality dress, as I said, I'm cheap. After failing to win an Eshakti blogger giveaway for a free dress, I decided to stop being so cheap (well, kinda), and just buy the dress I have been eyeing. Here's where the "kinda" comes in, I used a new customer coupon code to save $25 off my order, and a blogger code to save 20%. Since Eshakti is currently having a sale of buy one dress, get one 40% off (through April 15th), I even decided to buy a second dress. Big move for the cheapskate in me, although the total of the order (with shipping) was still at about the max of what I would usually spend on dresses; if I love these dresses as much as I do on the screen, I won't regret it at all. Anyway, onto the dresses!

I am not a huge fan of chambray even though it seems to be quite in style right now. I loved the dress for all the tailoring in the bust/torso; since it accentuates the difference between the bust and waist measurements, I think that it would be extremely flattering on most body types. I am a bit worried though that the cups of the dress will not be big enough because it seems most clothing manufacturers haven't figured out that larger ladies usually have larger cup sizes (they increase the band size while not altering the cup size).

This dress I bought because I love the bright cheerfulness of it, however, I am not sure whether the silhouette will be flattering on me.

Even though one of Eshakti's dress sizes is in my exact measurements, I debated buying my dresses in that size. It seems whenever I buy something on-line from the size chart, it ends up too big. When will retailers realize that "vanity sizing" in a size chart is annoying as hell? So, traditionally when I buy on-line from anywhere, I buy a size or two smaller than my measurements on the size chart says. Since Eshaki is a place where you can order customized dresses, I am hoping that their dresses are accurate to the size chart, so, I followed it, though I am nervous.

If the dresses work out, you will definitely be seeing them here on the blog.


  1. Ooh, fascinating! Also being tall, and often finding I wear two different sizes between my waist and my bust/hips, I've often been very curious about the quality of eShakti's goods. I can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Hey, thanks again for the heads up about not being able to pin my old pictures. Fixed them all -- pain in my ASS! So glad you told me though.


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