Saturday, April 20, 2013

GabiFresh's shopping event at Bloomingdale's

My top three favorite fashion blogs are GabiFresh, Dressed Up Like A Lady, and Syl and Sam/Lipgloss and Black; so, when I found out Gabi of GabiFresh was hosting a shopping event in Chicago this weekend, I really wanted to go. Even though Gabi lives in Chicago, the only shopping events/meet-and-greets I've seen her post before were for New York, which always bummed me out! Anyway, Gabi is as nice and adorable as you would expect her to be from reading her blog. And just as fabulous, of course.

When I was waiting for the shopping event to begin, I was eyeing this dress (check out the back!), however I am cheap, so, the dress was more than I was willing to spend. When Gabi came out for the event she was wearing the same dress I had been eyeing! I took it as a sign and tried it on. Unfortunately the smallest size they had in the plus size line (size 14) was a little too big, and they didn't have the largest size in the regular size line in store. Since the sales lady said I could get it shipped to my home with free shipping, I decided to give it a try. By the way, how awesome is it that they make the SAME dress in both regular and plus size!

Why do I always smile like that?? I was having a good time, I promise!

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  1. I love GabiFresh! But then again, who doesn't. That's awesome you got to meet her and both got the same dress!


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