Sunday, March 10, 2013

What I Wore - Leopard cardigan and magenta dress

The color combination of my outfit was inspired by this image that I have had in the back of my head since I saw it on Pinterest about a year ago.

I have been wanting a leopard large-print cardigan ever since I saw this photo on Pinterest a year ago. A large-print leopard cardigan is surprisingly difficult to find. A few months ago I saw that H&M was selling one, and I went off to an H&M to store to buy one; unfortunately by the time I saw the image, the H&M store I went to no longer had the cardigan, and H&M doesn't do on-line sales in the U.S. I looked on Ebay to see if anyone was reselling them, and I found a place selling a knockoff version. Knockoff versions of H&M products is a little weird when you consider that most clothing items at H&M are under $20. I took a chance and ordered the knockoff since I couldn't find an original for sale, and I think it looks the same as the H&M version. Unfortunately the biggest size they carried is tight on my arms and not large enough to button across my chest without pulling, but I still like it.

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  1. You're rocking that leopard print HARD! I've been eyeing some leopard items on ASOS and you are not helping my willpower at all. ;)


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