Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sewing Project - 80's dinosaur

My boyfriend Timmy has always loved dinosaurs, and when he was little, his mother made him a stuffed dinosaur. When Timmy mentioned to me how much he had loved the dinosaur his mom made, I decided to make him a replica. It was brilliant of me to choose a project with stretch velvet fabric for my first sewing machine project in over a decade (sarcasm, of course). Also, it is probably not a good sign of your homemaking skills if you have to photoshop crumbs off your couch in photos.

I gave the dinosaur the name Master Cuddles. I came up with the name because of my love for Mr. Cuddles; I used "Master" instead of "Mister" because of master's past grammatical use basically meaning boy rather than man.

The original, created by Timmy's mom

Master Cuddles, created by me

I think my version is pretty close except that I made the mistake of sewing on the back legs, which are longer, first and they ended up being too low (the other side is much worse). I have thought about removing the legs and reattaching them higher, but truth be told, I somehow think the mistake makes him more endearing; when he tries to stand up and ends up falling on his face, I think it is charming. Is it weird that I talk about inanimate objects as if they weren't inanimate?

I love my boyfriend for putting up with all my neurotic posing; although, this is how I knew the shoot was officially over:


  1. So cute. I knew you could do it.

  2. Awww its really cute! And that was really sweet of you to make another one for him.


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