Saturday, March 30, 2013

Marriage equality (and hippos)

Just thought I'd share a Facebook status that I posted Thursday, as well as the above graphic that I created which is a play on the popular marriage equality graphic going around Facebook.

P.S. If anyone reading this thinks hippos are as awesome as I do, feel free to use/share my hippo equality graphic where ever, however, please do not remove my web-site address/watermark.

My Facebook status Thursday:

153 years ago African-Americans were given the legal right to get married. 46 years ago interracial couples were given the legal right to get married. Today 41% of African-American voters do not think homosexuals should have the legal right to get married.

Currently the percentage of black people that oppose gay marriage is not that much higher than the number of white people who oppose it; my point is simply that bigotry is even sadder when it involves the persecuted becoming the persecutors.

And, no, the issue of gay marriage is not different than the issue of black marriage. Every single piece of credible scientific evidence says that sexual orientation is a born trait. Sexual orientation is no more a choice than race, height, etc. is, so, do not try to justify your bigotry.


Disclaimer: I had difficulty locating the date of when African-Americans were first legally allowed to get married in the U.S.; therefore, I am not completely certain whether the date is correct, however, it is safe to say that it was long ago enough that it makes the current debate over gay marriage an embarrassment.


Let me know you are out there.