Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rhinestone bow bracelet by Cur8ed

I got this lovely rhinestone bow bracelet from Cur8ed. Cur8ed is owned by the same people as Candyality. Candyality is an awesome candy store in Chicago with three locations. If you live near Chicago or come to visit, I definitely recommend you check out Candyality and Cur8ed. You can find their official web-site here.

Last month I shared a cellphone photo of the bracelet. Unfortunately when I got the bracelet home, I realized that it was no longer soldered in two of the four places (most likely from heavy handling by customers in the store). Fortunately, Cur8ed has amazing customer service, and I now have a new bow bracelet. Truly, I cannot say enough good things about their customer service.

I still have the old bracelet, so, I am going to try gluing it back together and if it holds up, I may do a drawing for it in April here on my blog in honor of my birthday. I have always wanted to do a blog giveaway, but I don't have many repeat commenters, therefore, I don't think any company-sponsored giveaways are in the cards, so, this seems like the perfect opportunity.

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