Saturday, February 2, 2013

10 More Pin-up dresses by ModCloth

Two weeks ago I shared 10 Pin-up dresses by ModCloth, and today I am back with 10 more. You can also view previous posts where I shared my favorite ModCloth heels here and here.

I love ModCloth, and I especially like that ModCloth allows me to give $15 off a $50 order to new users; if you are not already a member of ModCloth, click here to get $15 off a $50 order.

"With Only a Wink" dress

"Lady Love Song" dress

"Enchanted Afternoon" dress

"The Evening Unfolds" dress

"First Stop, Style!" dress

"American Glamstand" dress

"Amour and More" dress

"I'm All Cheers" dress

"Good Ol' Daisy" dress

Okay, so, this isn't a dress, but I had to include it:

"Viola Senorita" skirt


  1. Love the 'viola' skirt-- it's so surrealist. But I couldn't find it on the site..
    Great Dia de los Muertos look on your bio, by the way :)

    1. I couldn't find the skirt either when I just searched for it by name. I wrote the blog post about a week ago (and scheduled it to post this morning), and it must have sold out that quickly! I was able to find it only using Google image search (it says it is no longer available):

      Thanks! The shoot was a lot of fun to do. If you are interested in seeing more from the Day of the Dead shoot, you can here:


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