Sunday, January 13, 2013

Girdles can be sexy

I have been eyeing the 1294 high waist open bottom girdle by Rago for months now ever since I discovered it on Amazon.

Photo from stockingshq

I love wiggle dresses, however, my stomach is not flat enough and my thighs not smooth enough to pull them off. I'm not sure I could have even when I weighed significantly less than I do now. I was able to pull off my NYE dress solely because of a strategically placed peplum.

Today I finally "bit the bullet" (I'm cheap) and bought it. What convinced me was looking at other photos of the girdle; Amazon's product photo of it doesn't do it justice at all. Compare Amazon's product photo of it below (snooze!), with the image I shared above.

And the difference is not because Amazon only chooses to show the girdle in white; the girdle still looks hot in white, when photographed well, as evidenced by this image from Dollhouse Betty.

What really won me over though is the before and after photos I found of ladies wearing the girdle.

Photo from Pinup Persuasion

Photo from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

The 1294 comes in sizes small (26" waist) through 9X (48" waist).

Photo from

It seems to be priced pretty consistently from site to site; I've seen the price only vary from $53-60. The cheapest that I found my size was $56, however, I decided to go with Amazon where it was $60 because it includes free shipping (and free returns). The reviews I read said that the girdle runs true to the size/measurement, which is a relief, and I hope it is true; I hate "vanity sizing" because it makes clothes shopping on-line impossible.


  1. Okay, the girdle is kind of amazing! Not at all unsexy! I love pretty lingerie but this is also functional. I'm glad you picked one up for yourself.


    1. Thanks! Unfortunately I need to return the one I ordered for a smaller size because the one I bought is not tight enough to do much.


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