Saturday, January 19, 2013

10 Pin-up dresses by ModCloth

Although I wasn't one of the winners in ModCloth's "Year of Dresses" contest (is it bad luck that I actually drafted this blog post before the winners were even announced), I still love ModCloth! I especially like that ModCloth allows me to give $15 off a $50 order to new users, and get $15 for myself in return (I'm saving my credit up for "Kudos Were the Days" heels!).

Today I am sharing some of my favorite pin-up/retro/vintage inspired dresses from ModCloth. If you are not already a member of ModCloth, you can get $15 off your $50 order by clicking my personal ModCloth link.

You can view previous posts where I shared my favorite ModCloth heels here and here.

"Sheath a Lady" dress

"Stopping the Show" dress

"Folded Fatale" dress

"Enchanted Afternoon" dress

"Biz and Hers" Dress

"Cool Vibes" dress

"Irresistible Enchantress" dress

"Big Band Singer" dress

"Once and Conifer" dress

"Nifty Newsprint" dress


  1. These are all gorgeous - I'm so sorry you didn't win the year of dresses! I actually have the folded fatale dress - but mine is white with purple flowers on it, it's ever so pretty.

  2. That Cool Vibes dress is particularly amazing! Between the cut and the colors, you could totally make it fit in almost in any era.

    1. I didn't recognize the name of the dress when I read your comment but I immediately knew which one you were talking about by the description; you are totally right, and I didn't think of that until you posted that!


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