Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vintage inspired dress patterns

Timmy bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. Never mind how I already know when it is not Christmas yet :).

This week I went crazy buying patterns. Six patterns may not seem like a lot, but for me, with my usual lack of follow through for craft projects, that is a little ridiculous; especially when you consider that I already have a few projects in mind that I plan to make my own pattern for, and some projects from free patterns/tutorials I have found on-line.

The two patterns I bought that I am most excited about are Butterick dress patterns 5748 and 5605; I love the vintage look to them, and the full skirt that is begging for me to wear my petticoat under.



I don't think that Butterick's product image for the 5605 showcases the pattern very well. When I did an image search for dresses other people made with the pattern, I didn't find many dresses that I loved from it either. I felt that the prints on the fabric that most people chose overwhelmed the style of the dress. When/if I make a dress using that pattern, I am going to either use a small print fabric, solid color fabric, or at least a printed fabric with more "white space."

The 5748, on the other hand, seems to do well with flashy printed fabric. I already have several fun fabrics in mind for 5748.

You can find both of these patterns for purchase on Buttericks web-site, however, I found these patterns cheaper on Ebay and Amazon.


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    1. Edited comment: "I love sewing as well. But I am always intimidated by patterns with button holes and zippers. You are a braver woman that I am, Alana (removed)! "

      Thanks Sheila!

      By the way, I only removed your comment because I don't give out my last name on here.

  2. Did you see HeatherLou's version of 5605? I think it's my favorite:

    We'd love to see your finished garment over on WeSewRetro if you want to show it off :)

    1. Katherine, I did, that was one of my favorites! Thank you for sharing it. I am thinking about doing a second post with some of my favorite versions of both. Dolly Clackett has some awesome versions of 5748 that I want to share as well:

      P.S. I like your blog, and I'm going to have to check it out more, so glad you stopped by here!


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