Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blog 2012 Recap

In honor of the upcoming new year, a blog recap is in order!

Below you will find some of the images/blogs I posted this year (keep in mind not all photos below are from 2012 because some were old when I posted them). You can find the links to the blog entries below the images.

New Years Eve speakeasy party photos

Taking photos in public

Photo salutes flashback

Hair colors of moments past

More photos from my Day of the Dead shoot

Forever 21+ vs. H&M+

Blogger Finds - Leopard jeans

Photos of the Windy City Pin-Up 2012 Calendar

Me playing dress up

Ingrid Michaelson Chicago pop-up tour concert

Wonder Woman inspired fashion

March Retrospective

"My Girl" bowling

April Retrospective - A look at Aprils past

My four favorite fashion blogs

Chinatown 100th Anniversary Celebration

What I Wore - Leopard and orange

What I Wore - Rainboots and tulips

Brownie and cookie cheesecakes

DIY Embroidered Patch Sandals

What I Wore - Striped Azalea dress

Peplum overload

Chicago Kayaking Tour

Cuddly T-Rex in Chicago

Chicago Ideas: Visit the Dinosaurs

Kayaking tour with family

Macaroni grilled cheese

More of kayaking with family

Chicago Ideas: Eat at Lucky's

Sailing on the Tall Ship Windy

Happy 10th Birthday!

What I Wore - Cell phone edition

Shady boyfriend meme - Pico de gallo

Cubs Social Media Night

Cheesecake brownie bites meme

How to wear camo

Chicago Maid-Rite and elephant necklace

Lindy Bop "Grace" dress

Audiences album release concert (recap)

What I Wore - Audiences and Elephants

Horror B-Movie Watch List

Cornucopia of Greed: Black Friday

Adorable peplum bow belted dress

Sweet potato pastries and roasted potatoes

Religion's part in 9/11

Pattern mixing

Vintage inspired dress patterns

New Years Eve pin-up look

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