Saturday, November 17, 2012

Adorable peplum bow belted dress

At Carson's department store today (also called Younkers, Bon-Ton, etc.) I found myself drawn to a peplum dress. As you may (or most likely will not) remember, I am freaking tired of seeing peplums everywhere. I know why I was drawn to this dress though. It had the cutestttt little bow belt. The dress was $118 so there was no way I was buying it; not only am I cheap, but I'm practical and I know the dress is too fancy to get much wear from me. I decided to try it on though because it was just too cute.

This is Carson's website photo of the dress.

This is me wearing it in the dressing room. The one I tried on was a size too small which resulted in boob flattening and an unflattering tight skirt. Hopefully the next size up won't be too big since the dress is supposed to be quite fitted.

I was surprised by how good the dress made me feel. That said, there was still no way I spending $118 on it. When I got home I checked out Carson's web-site and saw that it was on sale for $88.50. While better than $118, there was no way I was spending $89 plus shipping on it either when I'll be lucky if I can find two occasions to wear it. Fortunately Carson's also had a promo code for 25% off on their homepage, and I found another promo code for free shipping! So, I ended up getting the dress for $66 (plus tax).

I still feel guilty spending that much on the dress without knowing if I will have more than one place to wear it, however, I know that the dress makes me feel good enough that I'd regret it if I did not buy it. I'm going to check back on their web-site through the week to see if they have any better sales for Black Friday or Cyber Monday (if they do, I can just buy the dress again, and return the first dress when it arrives).

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