Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Pig Hunt"

"Pig Hunt" was the second movie that Timmy and I watched off my Horror B-Movie Watch List.

Here is the description of "Pig Hunt" from Netflix:
"A guys-only hunting weekend dissolves into insanity when the boys run up against fields of marijuana, crazed hicks, a hippie commune, a 3,000-pound killer boar and other high jinks in this unpredictable horror comedy."

I was disappointed that the movie had more to do with the "crazed hicks" than the 3,000 pound boar; the boar wasn't even really shown until the last 10 minutes of the movie. It was an okay movie, but not really what I was expecting. The acting was pretty solid, which is honestly not what I'm looking for when I am in the mood for a B-movie (to me the cheesy/bad acting is part of the charm of a B-movie).

Below is my screenshot recap of some of my favorite moments from "Pig Hunt" (obviously contains spoilers):

Shopkeeper using a centerfold to draw a map.

There are many WTF moments in this movie.

Reverend collar + overalls

It is a mannnnnn'ssss worldddddd.

FINALLY, the 3,000 pound boar shows up.

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