Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lindy Bop "Grace" dress

I have been eyeing the Lindy Bop dress below on Amazon for a week or so. I debated buying it because:
1) I rarely wear dresses because I rarely have an occasion to.
2) The dress ships from the U.K. which could make a return more difficult if Lindy Bop's generic size chart doesn't compute for this dress.

Today I "bit the bullet" and went for it. I'm also going to be ordering a red petticoat to wear under it to bring out the red detailing on the dress. I'm hoping that it arrives in time for Timmy's and my anniversary.

The shoes above from Payless (which are currently on sale) would look adorable with the dress. I'm not sure if I could justify spending $50 on a pair of shoes that I would likely only wear with one dress though.

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