Saturday, October 27, 2012

Binkaminka's spectacular epaulettes

In my endless web surfing this morning I came across a blog entry of the most spectacular epaulettes by Binkaminka. For those that are not familiar with the term "epaulette," epaulettes are ornamental shoulder pieces which as usually just fabric and fringe (in present day, they are usually only seen on military uniforms). My absolute favorite was this diamond and spiked pair that are shown below. I can picture them worn with a form-fitting black evening gown or cocktail dress.

If you would like to purchase them for yourself, you can find them on Binkaminka's Etsy page.

While I think they are worth the $400 asking price, I cannot afford them, therefore, I think I may try making my own from cheaper (IE less nice) materials. If I do, and they don't end up completely terrible, I will share them on my blog.

For more wonder and awe, check out Binkaminka's post on her March-May pieces.

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