Sunday, October 7, 2012

Audiences album release concert (recap)

Timmy and I went to Audiences' album release concert on Friday at The Metro. We've never been to The Metro before, so, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that there was no bad view in the house (including the balcony where we were for most of the show). I also loved that they had chairs in the balcony since I have trouble standing for long periods of time, and I was on my feet all day at work.

Audiences was awesome, but no surprise there. They had a great lineup of two local Chicago bands, as well as a band from Des Moines. Timmy and I both managed to snag one of the 40 hand-carved wood USB drive albums they had (they come with leather cords so you can wear it around your neck). Mine is on the left, Timmy's is on the right.

Timmy and I had some discussion as whether to get one or two USB albums...
Me: I want to get my own USB drive, but I feel kind of greedy since there will only be 40.
Timmy: In case we ever break up?
Me: That thought had crossed my mind.......
Timmy: And if we ever get (married and then) divorced, the item of contention will be who gets the USB drive? You can have the house and car, but *I* am keeping the USB drive.
As you can see, we decided to get two, that way I can keep the USB drive AND the house.

I got the package deal which came with their t-shirt and the USB drive (they didn't have Timmy's size).

The CD version of Audiences' album had the same awesome wax seal as the sample CD they gave away at The House of Blues two weeks ago.

Good Luck is excited about his Audiences' "bolo tie".

Timmy bought Coheed and Cambria's $65 limited edition box set on-line a while ago. It ships out this week, and Timmy said he isn't sure which album he was more excited for, Coheed and Cambria's or Audiences'.

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  1. Wow, those drives are really awesome! Haha, even as a Care Bear bolo.


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