Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tall girls and corsets

*****All photos and links to Windy City pin-up have been removed from
my blog as I can no longer recommend working with the photographer.*****

How do tall girls with a larger chest wear standard (off-the-rack) corsets?

For Halloween I am (trying) to make an Ophelia Overdose costume based off the photo below of her that was taken by Moritz Maibaum (wig by Ophelia Overdose and wardrobe by Lost in Wonderland).

When my corset is positioned in its proper place for my waist, it is about three inches too short on top (it hits at the perfect place on the bottom); that results in my chest being flattened and squeezed out all over the place in the most unflattering way.

As you can see below, I had the same problem when wearing a corset for the Day of the Dead shoot I did last year with Windy City Pin-up but until now I didn't share any of the photos where the problem showed. The problem is significantly worse in the corset that I bought for the Ophelia Overdose costume (so much so that I'm not sure I want to share it).

[ image removed ]

The problem may just be the shape/cut of the bustline, however, I can't see to find an inexpensive corset cut in a more shapely way. I am pretty bummed because after all the work I've already put into the wig, and finding the right lace, spikes, etc. to make the corset, I don't see any way that I can make a standard inexpensive corset work because of my height/shape. I was so excited about making my own unique Halloween costume and I was even looking into trying to get a shoot set up for it.

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  1. Have you tried searching for "longline(d)" or "long line(d)" corsets? I'm not sure what you consider affordable, but here's one that's pink and black for $50 You could also try an underbust corset with a shirt or tank top under it, or you could just do that with what you've already got since you probably don't have time to order a new one. And here's another one that has nothing to do with your costume, but it's just too gorgeous not to mention.


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