Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chicago Ideas: Go to a baseball game

Going to a Cubs or White Sox game has definitely got to be a requirement for living in, or regularly visiting Chicago.

Major league baseball tickets can be expensive, even in the "cheap seats." To get a deal, check out the "Special Events" calendar on for discounts on tickets. You can find the Cubs Special Event page here or click here for the White Sox special event page.

The Cubs are having a "Social Media Night" Monday, September 17th. For $17 (not counting taxes and fees) you can a general admission ticket for the Budweiser bleachers. While the Budweiser bleachers are not great seats, the $17 ticket includes an exclusive Cubs Social Media Night shirt, as well as a chance to win some exclusive prices. For more information on the Cubs Social Media Night or to purchase tickets, visit the Cubs Special Event page.

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