Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cubs Social Media Night

On Monday, Timmy, our friend Kristen, and I went to a Cubs game. Kinda.

Monday was Social Media Night at the Cubs vs Pirates game. I've been to a Cubs game before, but it was/would have been Timmy's first.

The game was scheduled to start at 7:05 pm, but we got to the stadium at 5:30 for the pregame show and giveaways at the Captain Morgan Club. Around 6:45, it started pouring.

Ronnie Woo Woo said he heard the game was supposed to start around 8:30, so, around 8:00, we headed upstairs to the stadium as it had stopped raining. After grabbing some food and waiting a while, we were informed that they were waiting for another storm to pass.

When it started pouring again, we all headed under the stadium to wait. Around 9:30, four hours after we arrived at the stadium, we gave up and left to go out to eat. The game ended up starting at 10:42 (three hours and 37 minutes after it was supposed to, and over five hours after we had got to the stadium), and didn't get over until three hours later.

Since I had taken the day off work for the game, and Timmy had never been to a Cubs game, not getting to see the game was rather disappointing. While I understand a team not wanting to lose money for something out of their control (weather), when there is a rain delay, it sucks for the fans that they have to choose between losing the money they paid for their tickets or waiting until the weather decides to cooperate. A 1:30 am end time on a Tuesday morning is not very feasible for most people with jobs. Some teams have a rule that if the game is delayed more than two hours, you have the option to use your ticket purchase price towards a different game, which I think is the fair and fan-friendly way to go (unfortunately the Cubs do not do that).

On the plus side, we met some cool people from the suburbs, and we got a special Cubs Social Media t-shirt for our ticket price.

Timmy and Kristen also got to try the winning Social Media hot dog. It had mac and cheese and Parmesan on top with truffle essence.

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